Quiet on set, camera rolling ….. Hold for sound….

For the past few days we have been endlessly preparing for our trip, and here we are at last: on the brink of our grand adventure. There have been several bumps along the way, but none that we couldn’t figure out together.

For the past three months we have been working and saving and preparing for this trip. Ivana worked at a frozen yogurt shop and Kathleen sliced meat all day at the grocery store deli. Slowly we built our itinerary until prices of hostels and train tickets started to rise. Wanting to save as much money as possible, we kicked it into high gear booking our entire trip in the matter of four very long Skype sessions.

The last few weeks have been spent gathering last minute items, trading dollars for euros, and packing… and re-packing. After a full day of flights for Ivana, the girls are finally reunited and ready to dive into Europe.

We’ll be posting periodically updating you all with the highlights of our journey as well as our favorite pictures from each city. We have quite the list of destinations.

❤ i&k