Have you ever had a Churro in Spain? Churros in America, especially the ones at Costco are very large and smothered in cinnamon sugar. In Spain this is not the case. They are served plain and it is up to the person eating the churro to sprinkle white sugar only, over the top of the churro.  Yesterday we went to a restaurant that did something completely different with their churros. They served them with luscious, thick, hot chocolate, no sugar.

This hot chocolate was like a melted chocolate bar in a glass, and with the fresh warm crispy churro was a wonderful snack on a chillier than normal afternoon. Together, it was called Churros con chocolate. Yum!


Today, we went to the medieval city of Avila.  With churches and buildings that date back to the medieval times, as well as a large wall that stretches around almost the entire city, Avila reminded us much of Assisi.




Here we were able to walk the footsteps of St. Theresa of Avila, a doctor of the church, who along with St. John of the Cross reformed the Carmelite Order, which had become very social and worldly at the time. This was an especially important day trip for Ivana, whose mom is a third order Carmelite.

We went to the convent where St. Theresa had lived, Ivana was excited to be able to go inside and see many of the relics that St. Theresa had touched and used during her great life. Unfortunately, we had to hurry out to catch our train back to Madrid, but we were able to watch the Spanish country side roll by as the sun was setting; it was very beautiful.

When we got back, we made a pit stop at the grocery store and picked up some pasta, canned tomatoes, ham, some vegetables and cream cheese. With this bounty, we made a creamy tomato sauce that neither of us could get enough of. We also made sure to cook our pasta to al dente, being careful so that it wouldn’t get mushy. It’s so nice to be able to cook again, we missed it a lot after only eating sandwiches for the past few weeks!

Today was a great day! 🙂

❤ i&k