And……America!!! After traveling so much, it’s so comforting to be back in our country, around people who understand us and whom we understand.

We got up early again, our trip down to the airport felt nostalgic since we had made it before on our journey from Ireland to France. Time seemed to go fast. And before we knew it, it was time to board our plane to Toronto! We were just as excited to go home as had been to leave.

Much to our surprise, our long flight to Toronto didn’t feel as long and dreary as we had anticipated. We kept ourselves occupied by reading, listening to music, and enjoying the food that Air Canada had to offer.

Once we arrived in Toronto, we breezed through customs and prepared for the last stretch taking us to Montreal.

At last! We arrived in Montreal and were very warmly greeted by Kathleen’s mom and her friend Kim. They were thrilled to hear our many adventurous stories and had a bunch of snacks for us to enjoy. From Montreal, we drove down to Vermont.

We can truly say that this trip has had a huge impact on us and on the way we see the world. There were many very difficult moments where we questioned why we were doing this in the first place, followed by many intensely exciting moments where we felt so privileged.

The trip was different that what we had expected it to be, there wasn’t exactly one moment or experience that completely changed us or transformed us; yet, our experience as a whole helped give us a more realistic outlook on life and taught us appreciation for different cultures as well as our own.

Thanks so much for sharing this journey with us! We wish you all the best in your own adventures in life.

Good Bye,




What is in a name? What is in anything that makes it to be what it is? What is in a restaurant that makes it cute? Maybe a large chalk board behind the counter detailing the contents of its menu, or some artsy low sitting chairs that people are expected to eat like normal people at, or a wall of old and new books all in Spanish. If this is the case, then the place that we went to for lunch yesterday is definitely a cute restaurant.

We passed this place several times as we wandered the city the past few days, but we never actually made it inside. We thought that today being Sunday, it would be a good day to eat out. We chose this place mostly because of its looks, but were equally impressed by the atmosphere and the food.

Ivana ordered toast with an olive spread and tomato and cheese melted on top. Kathleen got a curry chicken sandwich. We both got bubbly water, which we were delighted to find came in a glass bottle which we held on to when the waitress came to clear our places.



Today, we are up early. On our way to Ireland, we needed to be at the airport by 8am. We ate our yogurt standing up in the hostel’s kitchen, then walked across the street to the metro.

As our time in Europe is coming to an end it is a very interesting sensation. We are sad to be leaving for sure but eagerly await our arrival in America. After seeing so many new things over the past almost 6 weeks we are aching for something familiar. We are however also very excited to have the opportunity to bring back many new things that we have learned to the United States, especially many of the new foods that we have tried!


❤ i&k