Siena, today! We took a day trip to Siena, the town affiliated with St. Catherine of Siena, a very special saint who dedicated her life to Christ and His Church as a nun and received the grace of the stigmata. As we mentioned in a previous post, her body is in Rome, but her head is kept in Siena.The Church where St. Catherine’s head is kept, Basilica Cateriniana San Domenico, is very old and beautiful.


Siena itself reminded us a little of Assisi; it’s a very cute town with lots of shops, coffee bars, and gelato. We went to get some gelato at La Costarella. It was really good, Kathleen’s favorite, although Ivana still left her heart at Old Bridge.

After our lovely snack, we went over to another cathedral, Duomo di Siena. We had to get a ticket to enter, although they were free, which was nice. The beauty of the cathedral did not disappoint! One might think that we would have become accustomed by now to so much beautiful architecture out here in Europe, but it never really gets old, and each church has it’s own individuality majesty of offer.





Because of the rain, our stay in Siena was rather short, but still memorable!

❤ i&k


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